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Plant Styling




It’s undeniable that biophilia has been a huge design trend over the past year. From articles on how to ‘reconnect with nature’ and advice on ‘how to plant an urban garden’ there’s been an explosion of wide-reaching interest surrounding the topic.


So…what is it?

Biophilic design is a way of innovatively designing and incorporating the natural world into the places we live, work and learn.


Air Quality

  With so many of us living in crowded towns and cities where outdoor pollution levels are on the rise, there’s no surprise that our indoor air purity is also starting to deteriorate and suffer.

Cue indoor plants.

 Plants purify our air by simultaneously absorbing carbon dioxide and particulates and creating oxygen through the process of photosynthesis.


At The Ladies we offer biophilic plant styling services

for your home, work place, restaurants or events

For your Home

Adding plants to our homes has been proven to reduce stress levels and create a calming, restorative atmosphere. i.e. the perfect place to unwind and relax.

Consider investing in a few plants for each room of your home and adding more in the rooms you tend to spend more time in – such as the living room and bedroom.

For the work place, restaurants or events

With biophilia becoming an increasingly talked about topic/trend amongst the design community, and with more companies making the wellbeing of their employees a higher priority in the workplace, ‘going green’ has become a common goal for many businesses.

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